Tuesday, December 18, 2007


60 Minutes Sunday and again Alex Rodriguez is the center of attention on a national scale. The thing I think that drives people crazy about A-rod is every answer/interview seems to be straight from a public relations company’s letterhead.

When asked if he is speaking with Scott Boras…..not right now. Come on, I love ya Alex but you mean to tell me you sign a potentially $300 Million dollar deal, will pay the man approx. $15 million and you are not going to talk to him once about it. There are reports you are not firing him and you say in the papers, he has built to much trust up to get rid of him for one mistake. What a loyal, great man you are, you make Yankee fans/Yankee front office happy as it seems you negotiated everything and told Boras to shove it. You really F’d Scott Boras and now you are not even talking anymore. Well I can tell you what, that was the easiest 15 million Boras made in his life, congrats for really showing him.

You don’t think we realize you are doing the PR spin. It is much better to blame the dirty sneaky agent and have him take all the blame for how everything was handled this off-season. Hey A-rod for 15 million you can blame me for the affair, the string of no-shows in the playoffs and global warming for all I care.

Katie Couric gets into asking about steroids and have you ever done it, instead of just saying no, I have never done any performance enhancing drugs and leaving it at that, you go on this rant that I have never felt at a disadvantage on the baseball field because of my talent and how hard I work.. WHAT…I can see every player in baseball just look at that TV and shake there heads. Goes right back to 2 years ago when you said nobody works like me, when other guys are taking there kids to school, I am going to be in the batting cage or running up steps like Rocky, climbing Mount Everest for cardio blah, blah, blah. He just knows how to sound like he works harder and has more talent then everyone else. Do people feel he is the most talented player of this generation, yes, but we should not have to hear it from your mouth.

The only part of the A-rod piece I was like okay that was the way to go, was when asked why he has struggled in last few Octobers. He paused looked at Katie and said flat out I stunk. That was a perfect answer, instead of saying teams do not want me to beat them or some Bull Durham type cliche answer, he just said I stunk, perfect.

Overall I am glad A-rod is back and I can not wait to see the March to break Bonds record. You can say what you want about A-rod, but you can sign him up for being there to play every single game and put up .280 plus Avg, 30 plus HR, 100 plus RBI, 100 plus runs and throw in 10-20 steals. He is the best player in the game, I just wish he would run 5 extra miles or take 100 more swings then talk to the media about how hard he works and how much talent he has.

Friday, December 14, 2007

2000 Yankees Tarnished Forever??????

Well the Mitchell Report is out and the 2000 Yankees appeared to be a steroid and HGH breeding ground. From that report the Yankee bathroom stalls must have been full 24-7 with 2 players, 2 syringes and a steroid party. 9 Players from that roster were linked to HGH or steroids. The following players on 2000 team (not all were linked in 2000) were on the report: Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens, Glenallen Hill, David Justice, Chuck Knoblach, Denny Neagle, Andy Pettitte, Mike Stanton and Jason Grimsley. Not all of them were linked during the 2000 season, but anyone that thinks they just started it in 2001 or only did it in 1999 because that is what Mitchell reported, have to be living under a rock. Mitchell was very limited in who co-operated with him as he had no subpoena power, and no players (except Jason Giambi and Jose Canseco) co-operated with him.

Mitchell pretty much took Radomski and Mcnamee’s testimony with copies of checks and placed it in the report. If he was able to get players/managers/GM’s to testify I am sure a lot more players would be on the list and the players mentioned would have a longer window of doing the HGH and steroids.

Biggest impact this report made is opening everyone’s eyes to the “miracle” of Roger Clemens long run and ability to pitch into his mid-40’s. I find it funny how Rocket always made fun of the rookies and youngster that could only last 1-2 days in his Navy Seals workout. Well if they did it with 12 needles sticking out of there asses maybe they could do a lot more. Looking at his stats pre 1998 (when he was reported to have started taking steroids it breaks down as follows:

1984-1997 3,037.2 213-118 2,882 1,003 2.97
*1998-2007 1,879.0 141-66 1,790 704 3.37
* alleged steroid years

I must say last night when I heard the reports come out my first reaction; no way is he a Hall of Fame player. Looking at this breakdown though, I think he will get in. It may take 2-3 votes before it happens, but he will get in. He had 7 total CY Young’s with 3 coming post steroids. So any pitcher with a 13 year career and 4 of them CY Young years would make it. Clemens is in the same boat as Bonds. While I hate Bonds he had a Hall of Fame career prior to allegations and he should get in also. Anyone that thinks only Rocket should get in, but not Bonds are just being hypocrites. They really are in very similar situations as far as there career is looked at.

Any player named in this report wants to earn there name back, better sue (and win) against the MLB or Mcnamee for slander, they do not, they are pretty much admitting they were on the stuff. I do not want to hear (like Rocket said) you can pull all my urine tests I have not tested positive once. Great Rocket man, but they did not start testing until 2003. You want to earn your career back sue, sue, sue and win.

Yankee Championships can not be taken away, but this no doubt puts a small cloud over at the least the 2000 season. I mean 9 players from team linked to roids/HGH. I will still cherish celebrating at Shea Stadium that season, but Yankee haters will always have that little nugget to throw in our face. The steroid era will hopefully start to be place in a rearview mirror but no thanks to idiots like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco there will always be a huge black eye on baseball during the Steroid Era.