Sunday, March 9, 2008

So far so Good

Except for a couple nagging injuries and some rookies getting blown up the Spring has been good so far to the Yankees. My Quick Notes so far and there effect on the season 1 yankee top hat being no impact/5 Yankee top hats being a big impact:

Matsui starting to DH- Per Joe Girardi Matsui will be 20 at bats behind once the spring is over due to his ailing knee. I do not think this is that big a deal. Godzilla is a seasoned veteran and he will get his work in and be ready. Look for a steady dose of Bob Shepard annoucing Hideki Matsui as tonights starting DH.

IMPACT: One Yankee Top Hat.

Mussina one good start/one bad start- I am glad the good start was just yesterday as it makes me believe he is working on things and progressing like a veteran does in the Spring. Moose is being counted on for 6-7 innings a night and has to prove he is a veteran and not a has been.

IMPACT: Five Yankee Top Hats= Moose has to bounce back or innings limits on rookies will kill them.

2 Kids get rocked- Joba Chamberlin and Ian Kennedy get rocked in there first outing. Not a big deal, Joba will be fine and I actually think Kennedy may be a long reliver/5th starter if needed. He had a great 3-4 starts at the end of last year and with his array of change of speeds and pitches will make him a solid starter.

Impact: Two Yankee top Hats

Shelly Duncan MASHING: I must say I love this kid and the fun he brings to the clubhouse and joy of the game will be contagious. The Yankees need a right handed power hitter and I can see him splitting time with Giambi and getting 2-3 starts a week if lefties are pitching. He can play some OF/DH and Pinch Hit. I think Shelly will be a factor this year.

IMPACT: Three Yankee Top Hats

Pettitte letting it all go- It looks like the Mitchell Report has been placed in Andy's rear-view mirror and he is getting his work in and producing results. Hopefully he will not miss chunks of time having to get ready for testimony in a criminal case against the Rocket. Andy is Yankee # 2 and he must pitch over 200 innings this year.

IMAPCT: 27 Yankee top hats (without a great season from Andy championship # 27 will not happen).

Be on the look out for guest columnist Jason Cifuentes. He will have an on the scenes report from Yankee vs. Twins and let us know how different going to a spring training game is when you know the closer for the Twins (Joe Nathan).

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