Friday, April 4, 2008

Series 1 In the Books

Yankees take 2 of 3 from a very tough Blue Jays team and all games come down to the end. I think this Blue Jays pitching staff (including the bullpen), if it stays healthy will be a very formidable foe. When BJ Ryan comes back, Jeremy Accardo goes back to 8th Inning and they will be tough to beat late in games.

Quick Notes:

Is it 1996 again with this 8th Inn/9th Inn combo? It feels like if the Yankees are ahead after 7 innings they will win the game. Joba has picked up right where he left off last year and Mo is just Mo. I just do not see the value of adding Joba to the starting rotation this year. The Yankee bullpen with him in it B plus to an A, without him C at the most.

Offensively it was a slow start and with the weather and facing that staff, it is understandable. Damon stung some balls last night and hopefully is coming out of it and I think he is the key to getting this offense going. Last year when he got hot, so did the Yankees.

Starters- Ching Wing-Wang will give him an A, Mike Mussina a C and Phil Hughes an A. Moose is just torture to watch. He reminds me Al Leiter his last few years, every batter goes to 3-2 and you are just waiting for the bomb or huge inning to happen. Hughes really stepped up and looked like he may be in for a big year. He battled through some tough innings and completely embarrassed Frank Thomas with his nasty curve and inside fastball. The way Melky and Hughes played this seires they made Cashman look pretty good for not giving them up for Johan. For the right price Johan would have been a huge addition, but those 2 were just 2 much.

A-rod- I know it is one series and does not make a season, but was he gripping the bat real tight in those couple big spots in this series? He has built up some trust from Yankee fans, but I hope he gets that big game bat back from last year.

Player of the Series- Has to be Joba Chamberlin/Mo Rivera combo. In the 2 games they won, they were just lights out and set the tone for that bullpen for the rest of the


Anonymous said...

From Jason,
I love the back to back sac bunts in the 8th. I know it was Damon and jeter (Probably 2 best bunters) but still after the error on Damon's bunt set up 1st and 2nd, I just couldn't imagine Torre ever bunting again with Jeter. I Love the "Small Ball", being aggresive and not always waiting for the 3 run Bomb.
Have no confidence in Moose at all, especially not in a big game!
Think Arod might have been trying to do a little to much(Big Swings) and looked like he was guessing. After reviewing tapes of Ab's and making an adjustment I am predicting a big weekend against the Rays.
I hope this series doesn't turn into a beanball war. Would hate to see someone braek a hand by a HBP!

sstoll said...

things to love from 1st series;
1. hughes-he has #1 starter potential
2. bullpen-Joba/Mo are amazing,but the fact that farnsworth and Hawkins look pretty good and traber/bruney combo for matchups has the makings of of a great bullpen.
3.smallball=4-5 more wins this year or more,with that bullpen.
4. nobody falling asleep in the dugout.

things to change:
1.find some AB s for shelly and maybe ensberg, lineup has too many lefties,giambi and damon have to ea. sit 1/week.

Anonymous said...

from jason
Not sure if any one else on this planet earth even looks at this, but what a joke! " Series 1 in the books" and thats all. (I think we r now on series 7). R U Kidding me. I am so glad I put this in my favorites and check it every day. The only person That has responded (Sandy) I talk to on the phone or actually go to a Yankee game with. Great Tailgate Sandy, and great Yankee win against the red sux (15-9). 2 bad they lost the next night and 2 night against the o's!.
Still had a great time in row X against the red sux!!