Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is This Team Championship Caliber???

Is this the 2008 Yankees?

Are the Yankees done this off-season, will they make a final move to get Johan or Joe Blanton type starter:

Is this the lineup and staff we will end up with (1B spot in order depends on who is playing):

LF- Damon
RF- Abreu
3B- A-Rod
C- Posada
1B- Giambi/ S. Duncan/Jason Lane
2B- Cano
CF- Melky


Main Bullpen guys:
Possible bullpen guys Jose Veres and Sanchez

Is this team enough to bring championship # 27 to New York? At this point I have to say no……..I think they really need Johan to give this team any shot. As much as I do not want to give up Hughes it is time for Cashman to take over and get this team an Ace. You get Johan can put Joba back in the pen and get that bullpen in order. That bullpen is AWFUL if you ask me. This team may not even make the playoffs, The AL is stacked right now and while they will win a lot of 10-6 games this seems to be the same old story not enough pitching.

Team preview/breakdown is to come soon hope I will be putting Johan in my analysis.


Anonymous said...

from jason.
1st - If I ever see Igawa and those stupid sunglasses ever pitching again for the yanks I might Puke.
2nd - They need to get Santana Badly. The only mistake with your report is that they would have to keep Joba in rotation b/c Johan is replacing Hughes.
Unless of course ... they put Kennedy in rotation(You forgot to mention him). You saw what a turnaround the season took w/ joba and mo in 8th n 9th. I think it's a big mistake moving him to starter. The rotation could look like this
Santana, Pettite, wang, Kennedy, Moose.
3rd - Please no Farnsworth in the 8th inning.

Steven said...

Yes I would place Kennedy in back end of rotation. I love moving Wang from a questionable #1 starter to a great # 3 starter.

Joba needs to be in the pen.

I do not know if they will place Kennedy in bullpen if not a starter this year. I think one more year in minors then replace Mussina 2009.

Ethan said...

The Yankees didnt win last year with THIS team--now they are a year older--basically an entire new coaching staff--you traded vizciano for latroy hawkins( a right handed arthur rhodes) and you have to wonder witha 10 year deal in his back pocket will AROD's numbers fall off? We have no bullpen and our right handed batters(besides arod) have no pop! UNless they can get neshek or nathan from the twins to fill that 8th inning--we are in BIG BIG TROUBLE! We have a young staff whose innings"will be monitored" so what kinda shape will the pen be in in august?? I am very worried about this team--lots of older talent(jeters range? Giambis health? Pettite dealing with steroids? Mussina just sux!)and lots of kids with a lot of pressure--i think a blanton or a santana type to eat innings is a must and maybe they should look at a brad penny type as well! When did we get jason lane??? Have a good day all--Ethan