Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rocket Man Pulling out all the stops

Well it is approximately a month until pitchers and catchers will be reporting to camp, but the back pages are all Rocket and talk radio shows are Clemens this and Clemens that 24-7.

Things Rocket has done and what impact I think they have made on a scale of 1-5 Steroid Needles:

60 Minutes Interview IMPACT 2.5 Needles

Roger was angry and seemed to be sincere. Wallace Matthews did ask some tough questions but the entire interview I could not wait until he got to the Pettitte part and he asked one question about it, did not get into it further. I mean come on Andy and Roger have been best friends and training partners for years. Pettite did not ask Roger about HGH and stuff Mcnamme (Roger’s boy at the time) was using on him, reeks of deception. He let Roget slide on that one. I must say the most comical part; Mike Wallace: "Did you do steroids?" Rocket: "No" Wallace: "You swear" Roger: "I swear". Well there you go case closed. When he gets brought up on perjury, Roger will play that and say see judge I swore…

Suing Brian Mcnamee IMPACT 5 Needles

I have always said, you get “lied” about you better sue. Does he need to win to make this to slam dunk that he did not do steroids, no doubt, but at least Clemens has taken legal action.

Taped Call IMPACT: - 10 Needles

I think this taped call just blows up all Roger did over the last 2-3 weeks to try and clear his name. I mean to call a guy back and tape a call without him knowing, come on Rocket man that just shows how desperate you are. He even had his lawyer there as he did not want to be convicted of tampering with a witness. That call proved nothing, but it showed how crazy Roger is getting. Not once in that call did Mcnamee say he lied about Roger, or that he told Mitchell, just because he was pressured. Roger could not flat out ask him why he lied, or ask why did you say I did that stuff when I did not. He does that he is in jail for tampering with a witness. Just a waste of time and again proves Roger is really reaching at this point.

My overall feeling is in the court of public opinion Rocket will be guilty and that is that. Baseball fans are looking for poster boys for the Steroid Era, so why not the greatest pitcher of the generation to go along with Barry Bonds. There was no reason for Mncamee to lie, him lying would actually be worse for him, then telling them Roger did nothing. I also think Roger was the only smart one and he had everything go through Mcnamee. He was on Clemens payroll anyway, so to see money deposited from Roger’s to Mcnamee’s account was not uncommon. Brian Mcnamee bought all the stuff from Radomski and then injected it in Clemens. There is no paper trail for Roger, so he can deny, deny, deny unlike the players that wrote checks to Radomski.

Side note here is a great article going piece by piece in what Clemens has said:

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Anonymous said...

from jason
How come Mcnamee never said during Phone conversation, "Roger what are you talking about, You know I shot you up with Roids."
At first I definately thought he took Roids, but I am starting to sway and feel maybe he didn't. I just feel like I need some more evidence on Clemens.