Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Circus Comes to Capital Hill

What a joke yesterday was on Capitol Hill. I must say, I can tell why this country is an absolute mess and why nothing gets solved or done. It was unreal how all of these senators had there minds made up prior to even getting to the hearing and went right down party lines (democrats for Mcnamee/Republicans for Rocket). I mean one representative sat there for 20 minutes debating with McNamee if he was a drug dealer or not just an absolute joke.

What I think hurt both parties yesterday:

Pettitte and Knoublach confirm McNamee’s story.

It really hurts Clemens credibility when Pettitte and Knoublach both confirm what McNamee said. Why lie about Clemens when he told the truth about everything else?

Pettitte’s and Mrs. Pettitte’s depositions:

Clemens was an absolute mess when he was asked why Pettitte and his wife confirmed he spoke to Andy about HGH. I mean the words mis-heard should never be spoken on Capital Hill, I still do not know what it means. Clemens said 10 times Andy and I had such a close bond, if Andy used HGH he would have told me or asked me about it…..AHHHHHHH Rocket you just told everyone you were SHOCKED when you found out Pettitte used HGH, you obviously did not have as close a friendship as you thought.

McNamee lie, lies, lies-

On committee member went over all of McNamee’s lies for approx 5 minutes and all Mcnamee could answer was yes that was a lie, yes that was a lie over and over again. He just is not a credible person and would not hold up in the court of law. The guy is a weasel and can not make the NYPD proud.

Canseco BBQ-

If you’re having a steroid hearing must mention Jose Canseco, that is rule one. I think McNamee takes the hit on this one. To say over and over and in depositions and testimony that Roger spoke about steroids at this BBQ just kills a big part of your story. I mean the next day the game announcers mention a bunch of times that Clemens did not attend the BBQ. Just again proves this guy is not credible.


Pettitte sold Clemens down the river and out of all the depositions he is the most believable. Taking both sides (Clemens “I never did HGH/Steroids and McNamee “He did this and this and this) into account I think it falls somewhere in the middle. Clemens did HGH and maybe tried some steroids, but he was not a raging needle in his ass as he walks to the mound guy that McNamee is saying. Rep. Cummings said it best when he said you need to draw from the testimony of all parties and which one draws you to the truth. The one that appears to be from the most reputable source is Andy Pettitte and he said Rocket told him he did HGH. In my mind that closes the case.

Mr. Clemens your reputation is gone, you will not be prosecuted, but you will never be elected to the Hall of Fame. You did something illegal to get the results you achieved and for that you will pay with never reaching the pinnacle of your sport.

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