Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why Bother!!!

The Roger Clemens and Brian Mcnamee show starts Wednesday February 13, 2008 and to everyone’s surprise the Committee has decided to let Andy Pettitte off the hook and he was excused from having to testify. WHAT!!!!

The members will have his 2 hour deposition and rumors are it will hurt Clemens, but give me a break. For the last 2 months all we have heard is the he said/she said (I will let you assign the he and she in this affair) stuff from Clemens and Mcnamee. I wanted to hear from Pettitte’s mouth what he knew and did not know. This will just be another circus show for MLB and get nothing done.

If you’re going to do it, do it correctly. The first round of hearings Giambi and Bonds are not there. The 2 biggest abusers of steroids and one guy that admitted under oath to doing it, are not there. During the second round, the one guy who can shed some light on it and actually a reputable source, Pettitte, is now excused. Man the gov’t is more f’d up then baseball will ever be……I guess we knew that already

Is it just me or isn’t there more important things to do right now in this country then have ball players testify? Do not get me wrong, I want to know and wanted to hear Andy speak, but why are multiple full days of the Senate Oversight Committee being utilized to try and find out about steroids in baseball. We are approaching almost 4,000 soldier’s dead in Iraq and this is what is being done by our Gov’t…just sad.

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