Friday, February 1, 2008

Johan traded and Yanks Get Morgan!!!!

Well the Mets waited all teams out and gave up pretty much nothing from there roster for the best pitcher in the game. The 72 hour window closes today at 5:00PM, which I do not even thing matters, they will get it done. My prediction of the contract:

$7 million signing bonus (that gets his contract this year to $20 million)
6 more years at $120 million and a vesting option if Johan pitches a certain amount of innings for the 7th year to kick in at $20 million. Signed sealed and delivered!!!!!

If I am the Twins owner I fire the Twins GM the minute this trade is completed. He tried to hold the Yankees and Red Sox ransom and could have had Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera plus 2 prospects for Santana 2 months ago and now he gets 4 prospects and none of them are can’t miss have to have guys. I mean at least get Fernando Martinez over Carlos Gomez. All reports are Martinez is the stud of the Mets farm system.

The Yankees responded to this back page news with some major acquisition of there own drum roll please…………….Morgan Ensberg is a NY Yankee, YES!!!!!!!! Looks like Yankees are going with the quantity over quality theory at 1B. This is shaping up to be some competition. Jason Giambi-awful, Wilson Betimit- next, Shelly Duncan- if only hit and fielded as well as he celebrated, Jason Lane and Morgan Ensberg- both never played 1B regularly. Should be a fun Spring Training. I think the Ensberg signing is a good no risk possible high reward signing. He claims his shoulder is 100% and if that was the reason he sucked the last 2 years and he can get back to 2005 form it is a great move. We will see.

Time for Yankees to call Twins and try to see what else they are giving away. Pat Nesek, Joe Nathan want to wear pinstripes, they do, make the trade RIGHT NOW.

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