Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rough Off-season for Donnie Baseball

Kim Mattingly was arrested for public intoxication and this is the mug shot at her arrest. Holy S what happened to her? She refused to leave Mattingly’s ranch and he had to have her arrested for public intoxication, as per the AP reports. I always remember her in pictures when Donnie was playing I always thought wow, Donnie has a hot wife. This is a shocking photo and just shows money does not buy happiness.

What a decision by the Yankees this off-season. I know Mattingly was hurt by the Yankees hiring Joe Girardi, but it looks like they made the right call. Donnie baseball has had to resign from his position as bench coach with the Dodgers and take a lesser role of special assistant. He left for personal reasons as reports surfaced of his divorce.

Donnie Baseball gave us all a million memories to cherish; I hope all will out work for him and his family and hope he is on the Dodger bench sooner rather then later.

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