Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Smoking Gun Arrives

Wow Brian McNamee brings out the evidence he has to prove Roger Clemens is an HGH/steroid user and it is a paper trail….oh wait no, it is bloody gauze pads and the actual needles he used on Roger in 2000-2001. This guy is sick, that is all I can say. I think Roger did it, but man McNamee was thinking about this day 7-8 years ago. McNamee has absolutely no respect for the man that took him in and gave him everything he has. I mean Roger paid him a ton of money and gave him other high priced clients that paid him a ton of money and for him to do this, just shows how low class he is. I am in no way defending Rocket for what he allegedly did, but McNamee is a complete jerk if these really are needles from 7 years ago.

Man did Roger pick the wrong trainer, Bonds trainer goes to jail for months on end so he can protect Barry and McNamee is holding needles and gauze from 7 years ago. I think if the needles show HGH in them and steroids in them with DNA from Rocket he is in trouble. I am not sure how much they will hold in the court of law though. I mean if McNamee did inject him with B-12, couldn’t McNamee have loaded the needles in the last 7 years with steroids.

I will take a wait and see on this one, maybe the testing can prove how old the substances are in the needles. If they can and DNA matches Clemens’, as well as HGH/Steroids in needle that is 7 years old he is done. There will be jail time possible and Hall of Fame is done.

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The Gallaghers said...

I think the key here is that as forensic evidence, these needles would never hold up in a court of law. McNamee certainly turned on Roger, though. However, Roger has been doing pretty much the same to McNamee. I think these are both very unsavory characters, but Roger will not do any jail time.