Friday, February 22, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

Reading the NY Post the last couple days and you might as well sign the Yankees up for Division winner and the # 1 seed. I know it is the spring and it is supposed to be a lovefest and hoping all things will turn out perfect. It gets me excited and frustrated all in the same sentence, because you know it will not happen. Here are some things that are being thrown out there and if I think they will happen:

Jason Giambi Monster year and 1B all season:

All I keep hearing is he is in a contract year and did a new training program to get more limber and ready to take on an entire year at 1B. All the reports are that his foot is better, he lost weight (not being on the juice will do that to a man), and is ready to break out.

It is amazing what a player on a contract year can do. I think Girardi will give him enough days off to keep him fresh and I think Giambi will have a solid year. I am thinking .270 Avg., 30 plus HR, and 90-100 plus RBI. Not enough to get the $ 22 million picked up, but I think Yankees will get something for this huge contract.

Johnny Damon making sure he is talked about as a top tier player again

Damon had had one of his worst season in baseball and was so distraught prior to the season that he contemplated giving up $40 million and retiring (of course his wife bought 6 new cars and 2 new houses and his mind was made up to play). Damon now said he is ready and will have a bounce back year that is so good, he will again be mentioned as a top player in baseball.

I will go half way on this one. He will have a better year then last year as he has lost weight and Giardi will allow him to run all the time. He will not be a top tier player again, but he will be a top base stealer and run scorer which is exactly what the Yankees need him to be.

A-rod said “Derek Jeter will keep the MVP award in NY this year”

Derek is getting up there in age (god can you believe that is being typed, it seems like yesterday he was hitting a bomb in Cleveland in his first game). The reports are he has lost a step and Jeter has taken that personal. He started a program in the off-season all about quickness and improving his first step so he can get that range back.

This is all A-rod posturing, he looks good and becomes a great teammate by saying how great Jeter will be. If Jeter did not win MVP 2 years ago, he never will. He needs to win a Batting Title, lead the league in Runs Scored and steal 40 bases to get MVP. MVP voters love the long ball and RBI’s, so for any player that does not hit a ton of bombs they need to have a monster year in every other category.

Kei Igawa is throwing by his own program this spring and has showed a lot more command and confidence.

I will not waste my blog with this debate. If this happens, great, otherwise nothing to see here.


Anonymous said...

I hate to compare but Giambi is the marbury of the Yankees--playing it out until they can get his contract off the books! I hope he does well, but he is overpaid and a DH trying to play first! AS for Damon I want him to learn right not left and once abreu is gone after this year--I want the Yankees to sign Manny for 2-3 years to play left in front of his hometown! We need right handed power in the worst way and imagine having manny when the new stadium opens batting 5th or 6th?

Steve said...

Some intersting ideas but I do not know who they are coming from, who post this?

With Damon's arm that would be pretty tough to put in RF.